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Toronto, ON


Canada's first spy shop.  Spy gadgets including electronic security, counter surveillance, video cameras and GPS tracking devices.  Online shopping available for Canada.

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The products listed here are available for online purchase.  Please note that our physical store locations carry a wider selection of products than the online shop.  Check the "locations" page for phone numbers and addresses.

Button Camera Pro


Button Camera Pro


The Button Camera Pro appears to be a regular small battery powered camera with a record function. However, it has many more features than that. This camera has full wifi connectivity, which includes streaming video, and motion notification functions. It can record in 1080P HD mode in your pocket, or you can leave it somewhere in motion activation mode, as a security camera. The built in battery allows about 1 hour of recording time, but any external power bank, or a USB power cable could keep the camera activated for longer times.

The button design is meant to allow placing the camera in the front of a shirt, or in the pocket. Since the button is not removable you would have to find a shirt that matches the button on the camera as closely as possible. When you turn on the camera, it will perform the tasks as you instruct the camere to do, using the app. The built-in battery lasts about 1 hour.

When the camera has access to WiFi, you can set it up to operate online, which means you can connect to the camera from anywhere with your smartphone. Preferably, you would provide power to the camera using the USB cable and set it up in a room for permanent video surveillance, without relying on a battery. Then this camera can perform all the functions of a standard WiFi security camera.


  • Video

    • Resolution - 1080p, 720p or 480p

    • Angle of view - 90°

  • Audio

    • Recorded audio can be turned on or off

    • One way WiFi audio from camera to user

  • Memory

    • Up to 128GB Micro SD Card (not included)

  • Power

    • USB cable can provide endless power

    • Approx 1 hour internal rechargeable battery

    • Note: the amount of motion activation, night vision and wifi usage can effect battery life

  • Recording time

    • Up to 60 hours using 64GB SD card

    • Higher video resolution allows less time

    • Looping record optional

  • Dimensions

    • 115mmx65mmx30mm

  • Indoor use only - not weatherproof

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