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Toronto, ON


Canada's first spy shop.  Spy gadgets including electronic security, counter surveillance, video cameras and GPS tracking devices.  Online shopping available for Canada.

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WiFi Bluetooth Speaker Camera

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WiFi Bluetooth Speaker Camera


The Bluetooth Speaker is a handy modern gadget that people generally use to play music from their smartphone. This particular Bluetooth Speaker has a camera hidden inside to provide surveillance of a room. The built in WiFi connection allows the camera to be streamed and controlled through the internet from a smartphone app. There is no additional monthly fee for this because it uses your existing internet service. Of course, streaming HD video uses a lot of data so make sure you have the appropriate internet plan to accomodate your intended surveillance usage.

Features include adjustable resolution up to 1080p, motion activation, push notifications, time and date stamp, looping record, and many more. You can customize the settings for a number of different surveillance applications. Plug in power allows the unit to operate forever, but there is also a built in rechargeable, 6 hour battery. Camera can pan left and right to view about 330° around, instead of just the typical 90° angle of most cameras.

Not weatherproof - indoor use only.

Requires Micro SD memory card for storage (sold seperately)


  • Camera view

    • 330° rotatable lens (user must rotate manually)

    • 90° view when not actually rotating

  • Night Vision

    • Invisible night vision 3M

  • Speaker function

    • Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Music Speaker

  • WiFi

    • WiFi Live Streaming video

    • P2P LAN view in 50m without block

  • Motion detection

    • Motion detection with adjustable sensitivity

    • Push alarm msgs

  • Resolution

    • Video resolution: 1080p, 720p or 480p

    • Photo Resolution: 1920*1080

  • Video format

    • H.264 video compressed format

  • Memory

    • Support Micro SD card 4GB-128GB (not included)

  • Power

    • USB or AC cable for endless power

    • 5000mA Internal rechargeable battery

    • Record time up to 8 hours on battery power

    • Note: the amount of motion activation, night vision and wifi usage can effect battery life

  • Mobile phone operation system

    • Android/iOS

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