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Canada's first spy shop.  Spy gadgets including electronic security, counter surveillance, video cameras and GPS tracking devices.  Online shopping available for Canada.



As a business that sells somewhat unusual products, we recognize that any additional information we provide can benefit not only our customers, but casual readers as well.  Since the owners and staff at Spytech have accumulated decades of collective experience in the business, we have decided to share our knowledge through this "Spytechblog".

Introducing Our Newest Product: Button Camera Pro

Hans School

In the old days, we were only able to stick a button camera in our clothes, and record some video.  Today we can do so much more!  Recent breakthroughs in button camera technology have allowed the button camera to evolve into a versatile tool for countless surveillance applications.


The Button Camera Pro is still a tiny sized camera that you can easily carry around in your pocket.  In addition to the old fashioned video recording capability, the new "pro" model also has a live video streaming function, motion activation, WiFi connectivity, timer recording, and more.  You can place the camera in your shirt button hole and film a conversation, or you can place it in a room with an extended battery or power supply, and view the video feed remotely like any regular surveillance system.  The camera comes with a standard USB cable that can be used to charge the internal battery or to provide permanent power to the camera.

Button Camera Pro records in clear 1080P HD resolution.  The WiFi function allows access worldwide by using a smartphone app.  The Button Camera Pro is not weatherproof and should only be used indoors.

New Features of the USB Recorder

Hans School

This USB audio recorder is one of our most popular products, so we are pleased to announce a firmware update, that will improve its performance even more!  As you know, the recorder already has a superior battery life for its size, a convenient sound activation mode, and good sound quality.  Here is a summary of the new upgrades:

USB Stick Grey Recorder
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  • Adjustable Sound Activation - This determines how loud the sound has to be before the recorder starts recording.  You choose the level.  Lower sensitivity level will result in longer battery life, but the very queitest of sounds may not be recorded.  Higher sensitivity will miss nothing, but you may record a lot of "dead air" that you don't need.
  • Adjustable Record Quality - Although the default quality has always been high enough to please our customers, there is now a second, even HIGHER quality setting to choose from.  The cost of using the higher quality is a reduced battery life and larger file size, which means the total memory will be used up faster.
  • Setup Software - There is a new program that allows you to adjust all the settings mentioned above.  In addition to activation and quality, you can also adjust the time and date.  Setting the correct time and date makes it easier to organize your files, especially if you have multiple recordings spread over several days, which often happens with the sound activation feature.

Unfortunately the setup software only works in Windows not Mac.  This software is only used for changing recorder settings so you can still record and play back your files without Windows.

Our instructional video also covers these new features:

Bug Detector Derby

Hans School

During some heavy snow days in January, the staff of Spytech took some time to compare several of our RF Detectors.  We rated each detector for various tasks and then posted the results on our YouTube channel:


Here are some additional notes about these tests:

FM Transmitter

This was a very simple job for all the detectors, since it is pretty much what they are designed to detect.  The transmitter was just a high power analog audio signal with a range of about 500 feet.  Basically the same as a standard cordless phone or walkie talkie.  The CC308 detector had a problem with this device because it would reach maximum signal strength when it was still half a meter away from it.  This means, in a real situation, you would only know a rough location for the transmitter and waste a lot of time narrowing it down.  The other detectors were way more precise.  Most impressive was the RF Detector Pro.  Even though the indicator meter had maxed out a few inches away, the detector had a detection confirmation function, which made the lights shut off when we located the device.  You can see this in the video.

5.8GHz Transmitter

This transmitter generated a low powered, high frequency, analog signal.  You could see the feed in the 5.8GHz monitor sitting right behind the camera.  Not many RF detectors are even made for anything higher than 2.4GHz frequency.  So it came as no surprise that most of the detectors had to almost touch the device to give any indication of signal strength.  This would be difficult if you were searching for hidden devices.  The detectors that have a lens detector function would be more useful in this situation.  Only the RD-10 was able to detect the 5.8GHz device as easily as an FM Transmitter.

WiFi Transmitter

This transmitter introduced a digital signal into the mix.  This signal would simulate certain hidden cameras (such as the one in the video), live GPS trackers, or mobile phones that have been engineered into impromptu listening/tracking devices.  With this test we could see that some of the detectors were actually better at detecting digital signals than analog.  Notably the Bug Detector Pro was very accurate, while the Blu Detector seems to be designed for this type of digital detection application.


The best detector overall was the RD-10.  It was capable in each of the 3 very different detection situations we presented, and in addition to RF detection functions, it also has a camera lens detection function that we were not even using for these tests.   Of course we are aware that there are more advanced detectors than this one, and we have even used some of them at Spytech over the years, but in this situation we were limiting our test to affordable, pocket sized detectors.  The more professional units may be more capable, but they also have a much higher price point, they are usually briefcase size or larger, and they require some serious training to use properly.  If you are interested in one of those professional countersurveillance machines, you can contact spytech for pricing information or even hire a local countersurveillance agent in your area who is already experienced in using this type of equipment.

The other detectors we tested each had strengths and weaknesses in one or more areas.  For example, even the worst performing RF detector - the model called "Camera Finder" - still boasts the best lens detection function.  This was not mentioned because it was not part of our test.  These detectors that specialize in just one function are limited to very specific jobs.  In the real world you may be looking for one type of device, but you could always discover something you were not expecting, but only if your detector is capable of detecting many different things.  That flexibility is why we chose the RD-10 as the best bug detector.

Introducing Personal Safety Products

Hans School

Spytech is proud to offer a new line of personal safety products.  Canadian law is very strict when it comes to weapons - even non-lethal weapons - so we try to offer products that fall outside of the self defense catagory, although they can be used in addition to any self defense products you may carry with you.  The effectiveness of these products varies depending on the situation, the reactions of all the people involved and the environment.  One big advantage over weapons, is that these products cannot be used against you.

Personal Alarm

This is a small battery powered box that fits in a pocket or purse.  When the cord is pulled out of the box it makes a loud noise to attract attention.  The intent of the loud noise is to expose and confuse an attacker that is trying to commit a crime without being noticed.  The noise may motivate bystanders to intervene, it may startle the attacker enough to give you a chance to escape, or at least the alarm indicates to the criminal that his control over the situation has been compromised.  Of course, what happens after the alarm sounds is unknown, and depends on many variables.



Drink Test Kit

This small paper can be used to test a drink for the presence of the most common types of "date-rape drugs".  To use the test, place a few drops of your beverage on the paper and see if it changes colour.  The test may be corrupted by chemicals like food colouring, which would colour the paper just like a positive result, or there could be drugs present that are not part of the test.  In light of these possibilities, the test kit should only be used to compliment common sense behaviour, not to replace it. 

Stay safe and look out for each other Canada.

Introducing Several New Products

Hans School

There are several new products now available at that we have been eagerly anticipating.  After much research and testing, we have now settled on a few new technologies that should be easy to use, but also packed with many features.  Let's take a look at the most recent ones:

Live 3G Magnetic Vehicle Tracker

We are excited to now offer this Live 3G GPS Tracker with the longest battery life and most advanced features available for its size.  You can use this for 2 weeks or more on a single charge.  The phone/tabloid app is free and the monthly fees will be free for the first 12 months!  No other tracking device on the market even comes close to matching this device.  What more could you want from a live tracker?

Smartphone Blocker Case 2.0

After a lengthy absence, we have introduced a new Smartphone Blocker Case to our products.  The old case worked fine but became obsolete based on the size of more recent phones.  This new case also blocks your phone signal whenever you put it inside.  Even though this new case is larger, please check the measurements, to make sure it will fit your phone before purchasing.

WiFi Digital Clock Camera

A few weeks ago, we released our latest hidden camera, which looks like a desk clock.  This cameras has so many different features and settings that people have been using them for applications we never even imagined.  Check out the product page because the features are too numerous to list here.