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2005 Yonge St
Toronto, ON


Canada's first spy shop.  Spy gadgets including electronic security, counter surveillance, video cameras and GPS tracking devices.  Online shopping available for Canada.

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Checkmate is a chemical test used to detect semen.  Usually this test is used to determine infidelity by testing for semen in items of clothing or bed sheets.  A Checkmate kit can be used to test 5 items (or more with practice).
Checkmate won't produce false positive or negative results, but these can occur due to outside factors.  For example a male user could detect his own semen by mistake.  Therefore it is important to use Checkmate in a methodical and cautious manner for accurate results.


  • Each Checkmate comes with a 2nd kit for free so you can perform 10 or more tests
  • Test shows results within 5 minutes
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