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Canada's first spy shop.  Spy gadgets including electronic security, counter surveillance, video cameras and GPS tracking devices.  Online shopping available for Canada.



As a business that sells somewhat unusual products, we recognize that any additional information we provide can benefit not only our customers, but casual readers as well.  Since the owners and staff at Spytech have accumulated decades of collective experience in the business, we have decided to share our knowledge through this "Spytechblog".

Introducing Several New Products

Hans School

There are several new products now available at that we have been eagerly anticipating.  After much research and testing, we have now settled on a few new technologies that should be easy to use, but also packed with many features.  Let's take a look at the most recent ones:

Live 3G Magnetic Vehicle Tracker

We are excited to now offer this Live 3G GPS Tracker with the longest battery life and most advanced features available for its size.  You can use this for 2 weeks or more on a single charge.  The phone/tabloid app is free and the monthly fees will be free for the first 12 months!  No other tracking device on the market even comes close to matching this device.  What more could you want from a live tracker?

Smartphone Blocker Case 2.0

After a lengthy absence, we have introduced a new Smartphone Blocker Case to our products.  The old case worked fine but became obsolete based on the size of more recent phones.  This new case also blocks your phone signal whenever you put it inside.  Even though this new case is larger, please check the measurements, to make sure it will fit your phone before purchasing.

WiFi Digital Clock Camera

A few weeks ago, we released our latest hidden camera, which looks like a desk clock.  This cameras has so many different features and settings that people have been using them for applications we never even imagined.  Check out the product page because the features are too numerous to list here.

Jack Reacher Prize Giveaway

Hans School

Spytech Blog is proud to offer a Jack Reacher prize pack thanks to our friends at Paramount Pictures Canada.  We will give away ONE exciting prize to a randomly chosen entry.  To enter, just leave a comment on our Facebook page, stating the name of your favorite spy, either real of fictional.  There is no wrong answer.  No purchase necessary.  In order to receive the prize you must be able to provide the following if you win:

  1. A shipping address in a Canadian province for us to send the prize to.
  2. Your comment must be dated before the midnight Jan 30, 2017 to be considered during the draw.
  3. Each individual profile is only entered once for the draw - there will be no multiple entries for commenting multiple times.
  4. If you are contacted as the winner, and do not respond within 24 hours with a valid shipping address, we will assume you have declined the prize and will award it to another person, with another random draw.
  5. Comment must appear on our official Facebook Page to qualify:

The "Jack Reacher Prize Pack" consists of a "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" Blu Ray DVD, a Jack Reacher toque, and a Jack Reacher multi-tool flashlight.  Approximate value about $40.00 CAD.  Winner will be announced on our Facebook page.

Odds of winning are 1 in however many different people leave a comment.

Enter your comment before the end of Jan 30, 2017 to qualify.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back will be available for purchase on Blu Ray, DVD and digital on Jan 31, 2017.

Spy Products that Can Help Elderly People

Hans School

In these times of accelerating advances in technology, the world only becomes gradually more alienating to people as they get on in age.  Communicating with your family members requires knowledge of several types of ridiculous phone apps, shopping for gifts can be like navigating a minefield of online scams, and sometimes new technologies you have never even seen before are turned against you.  All of this stress just adds to the health problems that already accompany old age.  As we see in the Hieronymus Bosch depiction above, elderly people were targets for criminals even in 1502, although over the centuries technology has replaced the magic from that painting.  As much as I have now denounced technology as an enemy, let us turn the tables, and investigate how we could instead embrace modern technology to help elderly people.  Isn't the easiest way to eleminate an enemy to make it your friend?  Here are some spy gadgets that our elderly customers have found useful.

A Miniature Tracking Device

Click on picture to see the product page

Click on picture to see the product page

There are various memory issues we may encounter in our lives, at any time, but they become much more common as we age.  These memory lapses are usually remedied by a loved one taking over certain tasks, like making sure medication is not forgotten, and such.  There is a much more difficult problem when the person with the memory issue is mobile enough to get lost.  The solution would either be to limit their mobility to keep them safe, or provide them with a tracking device, in case they do end up lost.  Our tracker not only allows you to locate the person when they have wandered away, but it even has a SOS button, so the lost person can notify you when they feel they are in danger, probably before you even realize they have gotten lost.

A Granny Camera

One of the biggest issues for the elderly is that they are targeted constantly for crime.  Over the decades, our customers have been buying various types of hidden camera for this exact application.  Capturing some kind of video is especially helpful in cases where the elderly person has trouble communicating or remembering.  Whether it captured an abusive nursing home worker, or some thieving relative, the video footage allows the victim to put an end to the activity much quicker than would be possible without any hard evidence.  You can check out our previous blog about "granny cameras in retirement homes" for more details.

A Telephone Voice Recorder

If modern technology has made communication easier then the awful side effect is that it has made fraud easier as well.  Today, con artists can work their magic from a safe distance, contacting more and more potential victims with every new generation of technology.  A loved one will usually step in to try and secure the elderly person's communications, report phishing emails, and block some of the shadiest social media contacts.  In many cases our customers have purchased a home phone recording device as well, to document any suspicious telephone communication.  It can help to have a record of all phone conversations in case there is any kind of claim of a verbal contract.  You can simply replay the conversation and check if the details are accurate.  Consequently, you may just end up with recorded proof of a telemarketing scam!

Home Security Devices

Click to see electronic dog product...

Click to see electronic dog product...

Humans have known forever that dogs are the greatest security device.  However, these dogs require a lot of care, and that isn't good for elderly people who may find it harder to move around freely.  Instead of walking a dog every day, and lugging around 20 pound food bags, we like to suggest simply plugging in an electronic dog in a box.  While not as effective as the real thing, it is obviously less physically demanding than a live dog, and possibly less messy.  Of course, various types of home alarms, and a decent quality door lock, would all add security to any home as well.


If your situation is not addressed by any of these gadgets, or if you need to talk to somebody who specializes in the problems of elderly people, then here are a few suggestions.

Elder abuse resources: 

Senior fraud resources:

Suggestions about wandering seniors: 

New Product - Live GPS Tracker

Hans School

The newest Live GPS Tracker, now available at, is the upgraded 3G models from Trackimo.  For many years our customers have been requesting a tracker that could be used for applications other than just vehicle tracking, and we believe this new product has just the right balance of size and function to be useful for multiple purposes.  Trackimo also has a terrific reputation as a reliable product according to multiple third party product reviews.

Tracking Vehicles

Our previous trackers were generally used to track vehicles because they were too large for many other applications.  The new model will also work as a vehicle tracker, and it should be easier to install with its smaller size, but this smaller size also translates to a slightly shorter battery life.  There is a magnetic box available for sale to make this tracker easier to use with a vehicle.

Tracking People

The biggest advantage of this smaller sized tracker is that it can be used to track more than just vehicles.  Many times, customers have asked me if there was a way to track an elderly parent, or a special needs adult, or even a child that likes to wander off.  This Trackimo 3G is just small enough to attach to a person's clothing, or clip onto their belt, without causing a major discomfort.  Thanks to all the alert options available in the Trackimo app, you can have updates about the person's movements sent to your mobile phone any time.  Pressing the SOS button sends an alert to a pre-set contact, which is especially helpful if the person using the Trackimo 3G is frightened, lost, or cannot use a phone.

Tracking Belongings and Pets

"My luggage is WHERE?"

"My luggage is WHERE?"

As with humans and vehicles, you can also put one of these little trackers inside a shipment you send out, in your luggage while on vacation, attached to the collar of a pet that likes to run away, or attach it to pretty much anything else you may want to locate in the future.  The battery life can last a few days, but you can even extend this a bit by only activating the tracker when you really have to.  This flexibility allows you to use this product as a "just in case" tracker.

Monthly Fee

At the time of this article these new 3G Trackimo devices come with a mobile phone app, and one full year of tracking usage, all for free.  The price after one year is $5 per month in US dollars.  The only feature that costs extra is SMS messaging.

New Products - Night Vision Scopes

Hans School

An example of how Generation 0 night vision works - IR light illuminates target

An example of how Generation 0 night vision works - IR light illuminates target

For centuries, early humans were envious of other animals.  Fish could breath under water, birds could fly in the sky, bees could make honey, and of course cats could see in the dark.  Once we got intelligent enough to invent inventing, we humans could finally emulate these animals we have always jealously observed from afar.  Scuba gear allowed us to become fish.  Airplanes allowed us to become birds.  Sugary junk food allowed us to become bees.  Then, during WWII, night vision technology was invented and finally humans could see in the dark just like cats.

Gradually, the bulky "Generation 0" machines of WWII were replaced by hand held 1st Generation night vision scopes, which were widely used during the Vietnam War.  These devices were capable of amplifying ambient light to create a natural night vision image that somewhat resembles our own eyesight.  In other words, the amplified light would make everything around you visible, as far as the eye could see.  Today's 1st Generation scopes still use the same technology, but with several decades of image quality advances, and much needed decreases in size and weight.  The old Generation 0 gimmick of using invisible IR light to illuminate your target has also be implemented into modern 1st Generation devices.  This option is most useful in conditions where there is no ambient light at all, which would diminish light amplification functions, but then your visible range would become limited by the brightness of your IR light source.

1st Generation scope amplifies ambient light to generate this familiar green image

1st Generation scope amplifies ambient light to generate this familiar green image

2nd Generation and 3rd Generation night vision scopes were invented during the late 20th century.  Even though these advancements were superior for their time, they were prohibitively expensive to buy, and often hindered by many government trade restrictions, paricularly outside the USA.  Therefore, 1st Generation technology was continually improved over the decades, and has actually never become obsolete.   Newer variations, such as thermal vision (heat vision) have become more popular, since they bring a completely different ingredient to the table.  Of course, it is always interesting to read about the even more advanced night vision technologies being researched today, but they won't be available for decades to come.  When night vision contact lenses are finally released to the public, be sure to check this blog for more information.

1st Generation Night Vision Scopes are available in our online shop. 

If you are interested in 2nd Generation or thermal vision devices please contact Spytech stores for a quote:

(416)482-8588 - Spytech Toronto location

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