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Canada's first spy shop.  Spy gadgets including electronic security, counter surveillance, video cameras and GPS tracking devices.  Online shopping available for Canada.

10 Essential Spy Websites for Canadians


As a business that sells somewhat unusual products, we recognize that any additional information we provide can benefit not only our customers, but casual readers as well.  Since the owners and staff at Spytech have accumulated decades of collective experience in the business, we have decided to share our knowledge through this "Spytechblog".

10 Essential Spy Websites for Canadians

Hans School

The Essential Spy Websites for Canadians

In the spirit of providing helpful information, here are 10 of the most important websites where you can learn about spy-related information or history, with a heavy favoritism towards Canadian content.  See individual descriptions for more information...


Up to date news about worldwide spying.  Articles are comprehensive, researched and well written.  The bloggers on this website comment on the most important news in the world of espionage with impressive regularity.  They are all established experts and their opinions about current events make for fascinating reading.


Canada's own spy agency has a website that offers reports for the public about the state of the world.  As a Canadian citizen, wouldn't it be important to read a report about Canada's current security situation?  Or perhaps you would be interested in learning about Northern African politics?  If so, then CSIS publishes information about those subjects and what they mean to Canada, without the added sensationalism found in the commercial media.

Camp X

This isn't the most modern website, but it contains some important Canadian history.  "Camp X" was the WWII secret spy training facility for the allies!  You will find some old photos, related links and information about a Camp X Museum in Whitby Ontario.  There also seem to be occasional tours of the actual Camp X grounds.

Camp X Monument in Durham Region photograph by Gary Blakeley


If current or historical events aren't your bag, this podcast analyzes the influences of "Spy-craft" on pop culture, mostly focusing on the film industry.  From Alfred Hitchcock to Dr Zhivago, there are background stories about the intelligence establishment's surprisingly heavy influence on the cinema.  This influence could vary from simple artistic inspiration, as in stories "inspired by real events", all the way to direct participation in a film's production.  Check out the website to see if there is a podcast about your own favorite movie.

Free online Course on Corporate Espionage

Corporate Espionage: The cause of - and solution to - every problem in the world of business!  If you want to learn the basics of how corporate espionage is done and more importantly, how it is prevented, then this online course will teach you. 

Universal Exports

It is impossible to resist acknowledging this very extensive James Bond fansite.  You can read movie reviews (with ratings out of a possible 007), fashion suggestions, Martini recipes and just about anything else you would ever want to know about the legendary fictional spy.  There may well be many other James Bond fansites out there, but none of them have a domain name as cool as "Universal Exports".

Diefenbunker entrance tunnel photograph by Samuel Duval

The Diefenbunker

If the WWII-era Camp X already peeked your interest, then get ready for the definitive chapter of spy history, the Cold War!  The Diefenbunker was created to save Canada's most important people - Government bureaucrats - from possible nuclear destruction during the Cold War.  Today, the Diefenbunker serves as a highly rated tourist attraction and would likely be Ottawa's top destination in a hypothetical Zombie Apocalypse scenario.

IHS Jane's 360

Not only does the weapons industry provide the real wold with defense and security, but it also provides the action movie world with countless villains.  This website is a very well-informed information hub, with all the latest news in the Defense and Security world.  You can read about everything from new international treaties, to the latest jet to hit the market.

Slashdot Online Security

Where are all those mass cyberattacks coming from?  Is my Linux as vulnerable as Windows XP?  That new trojan did what to who?  All of your questions about online security can be answered by following the constantly updated articles on Slashdot - the "News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters" website.  Cyberspying is so increasingly complex and prominent in the Information Age, that one quick look through these articles may actually make you turn off your internet for a few minutes.

Canadian Privacy Laws

We are constantly asked at Spytech, what is considered illegal or legal in terms of using surveillance equipment.  Of course we always recommend consulting a lawyer, but some people insist on forming their own opinions about these laws.  So if you are full of such resourcefulness, I direct you to read these actual Canadian Government Guidelines regarding surveillance, for yourself online.  Then consult a lawyer.

Hans School
President, Spytech

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