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Canada's first spy shop.  Spy gadgets including electronic security, counter surveillance, video cameras and GPS tracking devices.  Online shopping available for Canada.

New Product - Bug Detector Pro


As a business that sells somewhat unusual products, we recognize that any additional information we provide can benefit not only our customers, but casual readers as well.  Since the owners and staff at Spytech have accumulated decades of collective experience in the business, we have decided to share our knowledge through this "Spytechblog".

New Product - Bug Detector Pro

Hans School

What is Bug Detector Pro?

From the executive boardrooms of the biggest multinationals, to the back offices of the tiniest start-ups, the development of ideas and innovations continues to provide fuel for economic prosperity in the free world.  Consequently, stealing these very same ideas and innovations from someone else can be quite a valuable prize.  This brings us to that eternal battle between those who attempt to steal the ideas and innovations and those who strive to protect them.  At Spytech, we try to provide the tools and training to help people protect the information that is important to them, even if it isn't necessarily the next billion dollar prototype.

Click on image to see detailed product page...

Click on image to see detailed product page...

The most popular tool in the counter-surveillance world is known as a "bug detector".  Like every bug detector, our "Bug Detector Pro" is used to detect and locate wireless electronic devices.  The principle is quite simple in that a wireless bugging device must transmit its information from its own location, out to a receiver that would ideally be far enough away to be out of sight.  However, this same signal is what gives away the location of the transmitter.  The Bug Detector Pro uses a signal strength meter to indicate when you are moving nearer or further away from a transmitter.  This process of moving the detector all around a room and observing the signal strength meter is called "sweeping for bugs", since you are sweeping the radio frequencies in the air, and if you are thorough enough you can declare the room to be "clean". 

What are the limitations of the Bug Detector Pro?

Needless to say, a clean room does not guarantee absolute security.  To cite a famous example, a contractor named Edward Snowden didn't need any kind of bugs to help himself to top secret government information, so there was no way any typical counter-surveillance equipment would have stopped him.  Of course, issues like trusting contractors or vetting staff are for a whole different discussion, much too lengthy to get into at this time.  The point is, even after you have eliminated any possibility of electronic bugs, you should never assume that wireless electronic devices are the only way to steal information.  There may be spyware on your phone, there may be a mole in your staff, or there may even be some new technology out there that you haven't heard of yet.  Unfortunately, the only way to be completely secure is to communicate only inside a Faraday cage and trust nobody on your staff, but this is not compatible with running an efficient business.

Don't want to do this stuff yourself?  Well lucky for you, depending on where you are located, it is usually possible to hire a counter-surveillance expert to check your location for the full range of possible surveillance devices.  This professional will of course carry their favorite type of bug detector - possibly the Bug Detector Pro - along with various other counter-surveillance devices: Popular ones include the Video Hunter, a telephone wire tap detector, or there are some high end machines that do all of the above functions in one unit.  It is possible for anyone to purchase all of these machines as well, but as you get into more and more complex technology, it becomes more and more important to have a fair amount of experience and expertise just to operate them with the slightest amount of effectiveness.  A counter-surveillance expert without any expensive equipment will still find more bugs than an average person with the best equipment on the market, purely based on experience.

Why use a Bug Detector Pro?

Now the question irresistibly emerges, if an expert can do such a better job, then why would someone even bother to own a personal Bug Detector Pro at all?  The answer is convenience.  The Bug Detector Pro is not overly difficult to use, like some higher end equipment can be.  It is not always convenient to make an appointment with a counter-surveillance expert on short notice, but with your personal Bug Detector Pro, you can sweep a room in a few minutes.  But the ultimate reason to own a Bug Detector Pro, is that it creates an obstacle for your opponent, making it more difficult for that person to spy on you.  If you look at it purely from the amount of effort involved, it is much simpler for them to plant some kind of electronic bug to gather information, than it is to try and persuade your more important staff members into betraying their employer.  Likewise, it is just as quick and convenient to sweep for those devices and eliminate these simple forms of electronic surveillance.  By doing so, you are forcing the opponent to use more complicated methods that cost them more time and money, increase the risk from their end, and could even expose them if they are too reckless.

Basically the Bug Detector Pro is a tool that will protect you from all of the most convenient electronic spying devices that someone can use against you.  Indeed, your efforts may still cause the opponent to raise their entire game of espionage to a higher level of complexity, putting the ball back in your court, which can end up spiraling into a technological tennis match.  Yet if this match is unavoidable then why forfeit in the first set?

Hans School
President, Spytech

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