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Learn How You Too Can Set the Time and Date on a Digital Stealth Camera


As a business that sells somewhat unusual products, we recognize that any additional information we provide can benefit not only our customers, but casual readers as well.  Since the owners and staff at Spytech have accumulated decades of collective experience in the business, we have decided to share our knowledge through this "Spytechblog".

Learn How You Too Can Set the Time and Date on a Digital Stealth Camera

Hans School

UPDATE: You can try using this software called "Writetime 2015" to set the time and date for you.  It will use the time and date of your computer as a reference point.  Currently this is only available for Windows.

The following article explains the manual method of setting the time and date:

The most diabolical aspect of any video surveillance system is setting the time and date.  I will cover this process in enough detail to make you a master of this dark art.  However, if you just look at the pictures, you can probably figure out what to do the quick way.

What you need: Obviously a Digital Stealth Camera.  You will also need the included USB cable.  Finally, the accessory that's sold separately, the microSD card, is also necessary.  Install this microSD card into the camera and connect it to a computer with the USB cable mentioned earlier.  Unfortunately you will have to interpret the instructions as best matches your own version of Windows or OS - but that shouldn't be difficult as there are really no advanced operations required.

Note: These steps will not work for other cameras, only the Digital Stealth Camera.

Step 1: Create a text file in a folder on your computer.  Usually this is as easy as using the "right click" function of your mouse and selecting "New Text Document" from the context menu that appears.  You could leave this text file on your main desktop or put it in a properly named folder as illustrated below.  The most important thing is to name the file as date_time.cfg when you save it.  To skip this step, we have provided a sample file you can download, and then edit to the current date and time as described in step 2.

date_time.cfg  (click to download a sample of this file)


Step 2: The file you just created will now exist but there is nothing in it.  In order to set the correct date and time, you have to type in the date and time into the file.  Click on the file to edit it.  As you look at the clock to see what time you want to type in, add about 1 minute so you have enough time to type all those numbers and save the file.  If you want to be precise, you can type in the exact date and time that you will be disconnecting the camera from the computer, because that is the exact moment the time will be set.  Be sure to type the exact same amount of numbers and spaces as they appear in this example (so type in 01 for January not just 1) and in the same order.  The order goes YYYY MM DD HH MM SS (except you will replace the letters with the correct numbers from left to right: year, month, day, hour, minute, second), with one space between each group.  After typing all the correct numbers, be sure to save the file before continuing to step 3.


Step 3: Now that you have saved the file, you have to copy it to the root folder of the Digital Stealth Camera.  The root folder is the one known as "removable disk" and it will only appear while you have the camera attached to your computer (see picture below).  The time is still not set.  The moment you actually unplug that USB cable is when the camera will read the time you typed in and set its internal clock.

Next you will want to do a test recording of about 60 seconds or more.  When you reconnect the USB to watch the test video, you will notice the date_time.cfg file will have disappeared.  Don't panic!  This is supposed to happen.  So now you can view your test recording with the correct date and time with the satisfaction of a job well done.

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