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Canada's first spy shop.  Spy gadgets including electronic security, counter surveillance, video cameras and GPS tracking devices.  Online shopping available for Canada.

3 Ways the Earbud Microphone Has Saved Civilization


As a business that sells somewhat unusual products, we recognize that any additional information we provide can benefit not only our customers, but casual readers as well.  Since the owners and staff at Spytech have accumulated decades of collective experience in the business, we have decided to share our knowledge through this "Spytechblog".

3 Ways the Earbud Microphone Has Saved Civilization

Hans School

Utility is when you have one telephone, luxury is when you have two, opulence is when you have three - and paradise is when you have none.
— Doug Larson

The Earbud Microphone is an exciting "new" product now available at our online store.  To be fair, it has existed since the early 1980s, yet it continues to work with every type of telephone on the market.  The Earbud Microphone simply captures the sound coming out of your phone, on it's way into your ear, and thus the conversation can be recorded by whatever device the Earbud Microphone is connected to.  This timeless recording method has worked with old fashioned payphones, land line phones and it still works with modern smart phones!

In the wild, Earbud Microphones have only one natural enemy, the mongoose.

In the wild, Earbud Microphones have only one natural enemy, the mongoose.

How did this innovation in phone recording contribute to the preservation of human civilization?

  1. Verbal Contracts - Recording a verbal contract or price quote can be handy during negotiations.  Whether or not the recording is of any legal use in a given case, at least it can be used to refresh a person's memory in those "I never said that" moments.
  2. Documentation - In modern society, people seem to expect you to recall every detail of every important conversation you've ever had.  Of course, if you have those conversations recorded for future reference, that kind of recall is actually plausible.
  3. Broadcast Media - Name any national network news program, documentary film or even the smallest of podcasts, and you can rest assured that every one of them has recorded a telephone interview at some point.  Most likely that interview was recorded with this Earbud Microphone or something quite similar.

Just imagine a world without Earbud Microphones.  People would have to make handshake agreements, instead of verbal contracts, and we all know that shaking hands can spread diseases.  Nobody would remember their past phone conversations unless they took notes, and that would increase deforestation.  Interviews would always be live-to-air, instead of prerecorded, which would create a risk of unedited profanity deluging all broadcast media.  Thanks to the Earbud Microphone we don't live in such a dystopia.

Hans School
President, Spytech

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